You may want to get some immediate response to some of your questions without passing through the Admin. But in case the answers you get here doesn’t meet your satisfaction, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or by call by visiting our Contact Page.

1- Is it possible for me to go in for more than one Program

Yes it is very possible to go in for one or more SNEJD programs. This will be based on your disponibility as programs are organized in such a way that no program clashes with another be it a language program or Computerized Accounting etc.

2- Is it Possible for me get registered and sit in for any of the ETS examinations say TOEFL, TOEIC, GRE,or TESOL

It is very possible for one to get prepared and register for any of the ETS or TESOL programs as our curriculum is tailored to suit the ETS and TESOL curricula. We are currently working out international corporation with these institutions so that you may sit in for any of these exams at our center here in Douala. For the main time you can get registered with our affiliates as we look forward becoming an examination center in the nearest future.

3- Can I get online support lectures or home tutorials for particular Language programs

It is very possible but this is classified under Specific tutorial classes or support systems. For more details, contact the Managing Director.

4- What other Professional Programs can one undertake at SNEJD that is well recognized

On like the normal English Language test that can be carried out with ETS, its equivalence TFI is also available for those who wish to enhance their French Language skills. This will enable the individual to gain more opportunities in studying in French institutions that require a prove in the mastery of the French language before admission into the school or job opportunity.

5- What are the basic requirements for one to go into partnership with SNEJD Consultancy

To be a partner with us, you must show reasonable prove of existence. You must be in possession of all legal documents that warrants your existence and must be in accordance to the laws that govern your existence. For more infos on partnership, do well to read more on how to become a member