Learn a new language or immerse yourself in courses taught in a host language.

Whether you want to learn from square one or you are already an advanced speaker of another language, SNEJD Consultancy has an option for your level. With universities all over the world offering language instruction and immersion, SNEJD can help you find the right combination of academic and language requirements to fit your needs. 

Many universities offer courses in multiple languages. For example, in Cameroon some universities dish out lectures in French and English. You may be versed with the English language but lack the skills in the French language. SNEJD will help you integrate the system with little or no difficulties.

 Alternatively, if you have a higher language level, you can really immerse yourself and put your language skills to work in courses taught entirely in a host language. SNEJD offers a variety of Language programs English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese / Mandarin, German and others

English Language, a gate Opener.

Knowing English opens opportunities — most of the world’s top universities are in English-speaking countries.

By understanding English, you’ll be able to learn more through media (movies, radio, etc.), books, and the internet. Lastly, having English language skills provides a competitive edge and broadened employment prospects.