SNEJD Consultancy is a growing non-governmental organization that seeks to improve the well being of individuals who wish to pursue their dreams in the professional world or better still improve on their language proficiency.  Our primary goal is to prepare you and make you fit for your professional development. At SNEJD, we are dedicated to creating positive programs that open up the environment suitable for career and professional development.

SNEJD promotes an entrepreneurial spirit, challenging its students not just to be effective employees, but also successful entrepreneurs capable of starting socially responsible businesses. We are not afraid to be different and we celebrate and encourage innovation.

Success in your career and professionalism is our major objective and we pledge our time, energy and resources to see you through your goals. We very much respect the decision you have reached at by preparing for your chosen career. And as you know a perfect knowledge in English language skills is the main gate to success. Our programs will open you up to new worlds of opportunities all because we care not for money but for nation building. We are ready to be connected globally by having partners that can help us help you. Consulting the rest of the world to meet your particular needs is a great step towards cultural and professional development.

Our Mission

SNEJD Consulting has as main mission to add value to the way Language courses are being dispensed and assimilated. To leave from an era where languages are being studied for non specific purposes to more specific purposes.

Our Vision

SNEJD envisages a world where everyone irrespective of race and nationality can understand each other without language being a barrier. we seek to provide the masses with the essentials they need to make life easy and going where ever they may find themselves in the planet earth. 

Our Values

Amongst building relationships through Trust, Honesty and Respect, we love what we do and strive continuously for excellence. SNEJD fosters a caring culture that supports the well-being of each member, and celebrates the achievements of all members of our community in goals attained and obstacles overcome. We put our students and partners and their goals at the heart of everything we do.